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*FUDONIK* now presenting the Best quality Vaidik Ghee at very affordable Rates.


👉 A2 Pure *Desi Gir Gau* Bilona Ghee - बिलोना घी


1499/ ltr

(Glass Jar)

( *Free Delivery pan INDIA* )

👉 About our A2 ghee 🤷‍♂️

- Made from A2 Gau Milk.

- hand churned Bilona process.

- Traditional techniques used.

- made in Clay Vessels.

- Freely grazing Cow's on chemical free land.

- made with Milk of Cow's which are not injected with artificial milking hormones.

- Ghee made entirely from fresh Milk curd and not from collected Milk cream.

About GIR gau:

- Indian breed GIR gau originates mainly from state of Gujarat and few parts of Maharashtra.

- It is one of the very well known Indigenous gau species in the country for its milk and ghee.

- Ghee obtained from the milk of Gir has a distinct taste which is loved by all the consumers.

- Being healthy and tasty too, Gir Gau ghee is consumed on a very large scale throughout our country.

A2 Vaidik Gir Gau bilona ghee

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